About Fernando Spindola & Broker: Anthony Amodeo

Fernando Spindola is a professional, knowledgeable, and marketing minded REALTOR®️. He has his CCA®️ (Certified Commercial Advisor®️) designation from The National Association of Real Estate Advisors. He has been licensed by the CA Dept of Real Estate for over 14 years. Fernando is always looking for the win-win. He has access to all the technology platforms needed for selling or leasing commercial real estate and business opportunities.

Broker Mr. Anthony Amodeo has been in the real estate for over 40 years in Southern California. He has sold many different types of properties and has seen every scenario in the real estate industry, nothing surprises him anymore. He is well respected and is always helpful to his Agents/Clients.

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Realtor®: Fernando Spindola & Broker: Anthony Amodeo

Plan of Action to Rent Your Home

Meet in Person or Virtually

Fernando makes it very convenient for you without any pressure. However you feel comfortable in discussing your needs Fernando is open.
Marketing Questions

Fernando will ask you property questions to get the most exposure for your home. He will then market your rental to potential Tenants. 
Locate Tenant

Fernando present to you the potential Tenant's who have applied to rent your home. Then using the California Association of Realtor® forms finalize the rental with you.